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Impact Investing for changed lives and changed communities.

There are problems and inequities in our world for sure. Many of us are fortunate to have been born in a land and at a time of opportunity and second chances. While many of us in our culture seek a more comfortable life, the truth is that many more people in the developing world are fighting to just survive. The difference for those fighting is that their circumstances hold them back – not who they are. The realities of day-to-day survival often eliminate one’s hopes and dreams for a different life – a life that can provide for the highest and best use of one’s gifts and talents. We also seek to understand our own unique purpose and highest and best use. It is something we, as all humanity, have in common. There is no question that having a formal education can provide a person with essential skills – skills that can be used to serve others and earn a living. A lack of resources and opportunities are barriers keeping millions of talented and motivated students from attending or finishing high school – let alone a university education. The goal of T2T is to find these students where we serve, equip, empower and mentor them, and ultimately connect them with funding to help them achieve their dreams.

In addition to the student testimony shared in the preceding T2T program video, the following letters express the impact of the program and thankfulness of those participating:

Hellen Vindas, Director of the CICRIN orphanage, an ADios partner. 

Olimpia, one of the students in the program from the local community.

Heissel,one of the original students of the program, now nearing graduation.


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We started our program in Nicaragua in 2011. We are currently investing in more than twenty students helping themselves attend university, and have a waiting list of other students waiting to join. It is a  relationship-based hand-up, not a hand-out program (see Program Basics below).

Our students are leaders, have chosen vocations, and serve others in their communities (see Brief Student Profiles below). Over the course of the next year, we are poised to have our first university graduates: Karen, Hellen and Keshell.

Please consider partnering with us to invest in the students. Together, it is possible to change their lives. Changed lives can change the world – one person, one family, one community at a time.

As part of the spiritual aspects of the program, students realize what is being given – an opportunity, an investment in their lives they can’t pay back. They can only be responsible to use well, and to grow and invest what has been provided – not just for themselves but for their communities and God. For the students, and for our own lives, it is not how much we have, but how well we have done with what we have been given. It is the lesson in the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30). With good use of our time and resources, we are all also afforded the opportunity for the joy of having Treasures in Heaven (Matthew 6:19-24).

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Program Basics:  

T2T’s goal is to eliminate emotional, spiritual and material poverty for poor and orphaned teenagers.  The program helps teens discover who they are and their gifts and talents. Teens then develop a Life Plan with specific, achievable and measurable goals. Once developed, the program aims to renew their hope, build their self- confidence and self- worth, and tangibly improve their prospects for a better life — all while investing in their homes and local communities.

Who – T2T currently serves materially poor students with hopes and dreams to further their education.

When – T2T has begun working directly with motivated students as early as their junior and senior years of high school, and continuing through their university years.

Where – T2T is currently working with students living on the Island of Ometepe and in Managua, Nicaragua. We are open to the call to further expand the program when and where opportunities are presented in the future.

What –  In addition to the training, peer-support and mentoring relationships, T2T provides the opportunity for teens to earn money toward their education. Post-high school education costs can range from $1,000 to over $3,000 per year for tuition, room and board and associated expenses depending on the type and location of school, degree program and ability to obtain any available scholarships. These costs are out of financial reach for most Nicaraguans.

How – To be eligible, students must be qualified and successfully complete a multi-step Life Skills Training course and attend individual and group follow-up meetings to review and discuss their Life Plan and goals developed. Students must also document and verify achievements and attend additional periodic follow-up meetings with program leaders for additional lessons, sharing and accountability. Dollar credits are earned for achieving goals and better grades, performing extraordinary household chores, and volunteering in their communities. The most talented and motivated students would have the ability to fund the majority or all of their education. Payments of earned dollars are responsibly dispersed on a periodic basis through local leaders. T2T students also routinely participate in community projects and activities with ADios’ mission trip teams.

Why – To love our neighbors like ourselves. To steward our Talents. To lay our Treasures in Heaven.  Through the our long-standing partnership with the CICRIN orphanage, we began the program in Nicaragua – the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Having been subject to war, natural disaster and political turmoil for decades, there are little family resources and little to no government support for the vast majority. For most children, the cycle of generational poverty, addiction and abuse will continue. Hope for a better life, if it exists, is often an unrealistic dream. The reality is that many teens are forced to leave high school early to try to find scarce work or because of pregnancy or abuse. By building hope through education, relationships and a Life Plan, T2T aims to connect action with opportunity – a connection that is virtually non-existent without intervention.

Managua-Based T2T Students

Ometepe Island-Based T2T Students

Investment Partnering

We currently have more than twenty impressive students and have another ten who have petitioned to join the program and are now completing their year of investment to begin earning toward next year’s university education expenses.Our annual support need for 2017 is $20,000 and projected to be greater than $25,000 in 2018.  It would be a blessing if you feel led to consider sponsoring a student. If so, please use this Donations Page link to see the various opportunities to invest in a student’s:

  • Tuition for a semester
  • Books, supplies and transportation for a semester  
  • Room and board for a semester

or send a note with check amount to:

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or donate via PayPal on right hand side of this page or under our “Donate” page.  Your donation is eligible to be tax deductible.

Read about the impact Talents to Treasures has had Heissel Martinez, one of our local student leaders

Thank you for considering your financial and prayer support. Please contact us to learn more about T2T, any of our other programs, or to join us on our next missions trip to Nicaragua.