Project Jubilee


Project Jubilee is a program that aims to help disadvantaged children grow and learn. Whether becoming proficient in their current studies, learning English or gaining a passion for education, we partner with their school and teachers and provide resources. This program has been centered at the child refuge center school on the Island of Ometepe in Nicaragua and has seen great results. Over time, as the school has grown, children from the surrounding town have also been able to take advantage of the program.  

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We believe that it is our biblical responsibility to help the socio-economically disadvantaged, especially children. The best way we can think of to do that sustainably is to ensure that they get a good education. Project Jubilee got its name from the teachings of the late John D. Mason, professor of economics at Gordon College. In Leviticus, God created a mechanism for the restoration of those that had fallen on hard times. Every 50 years they would have their land restored to them, because land was the primary factor in determining a family’s ability to provide for itself. This meant no long term disadvantage, no generational poverty and equal opportunity for success. In today’s world, our primary factor isn’t physical capital (though that helps) but human capital. The ability to provide for oneself and one’s family is a combination of education, hard skills and soft skills.

You can read a brief article by Dr. Mason here: The Biblical Jubilee and “Human Capital” Provision
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So how do we do it? First and foremost, we support teachers. Most schools in less developed countries are taxed. Children can’t get the individual help that they need. When they get home they are likely faced with parents that can’t read or write and don’t know math. We provide additional resources by hiring local teachers or tutors full time. They work with both the younger children and the older children. For the past several years, ADios has supported a full time tutor at CICRIN.


Speaking of resources: books. Generally the schools own the books and the children aren’t able to bring them home in the evening to use them as a resource. We make sure that the kids and our teachers have access to the content being taught in school. Local education is our first priority. Making sure that the children we work with are beyond proficient in the subjects being taught at school.


After that we move to the next piece of human capital that gives kids a leg up in a global economy, English. We have supported English teachers abroad since the inception of Project Jubilee. Karla Ralda is one who recently served at CICRIN on Ometepe.

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