CCCGCCCG was founded in August of 1982 by David Alvarez. Since this time, CCCG has consistently grown in every area of their mission. We are continually training and building leaders for multi-purpose programs, which are done throughout the areas of Guatemala City, Monte Rico, and Rio Dulce. The programs provide educational tutorials, vacation bible camp, entertainment, and spiritual growth development to 1700 kids, as well as providing 200 nutritional breakfast meals every morning from Monday to Friday.

CCCG also receives medical and dental teams from all over USA and Canada. We have organized medical/dental clinics in different areas of the country and have the ability for some surgical procedures.

CCCG had a reinsertion program for kids involved in alcohol, drugs and gangs. The program gave them moral and spiritual support, opportunities to find a job, and to be re-introduced into society. This reinsertion was made possible by Cell Groups set up throughout the city.

We have a church that has been continually expanding since 2003. The church building provides us with an area for meetings, orientations, clinics, classrooms, and a place for constant spiritual growth. CCCG has recently expanded the building’s provisions to a computer laboratory to help educate the youth, a feeding program for the youth, and a welding/mechanic shop.

CCCG works with 14 villages throughout the three locations we serve in Guatemala. Most of them are Mayan villages in the states of Izabal (near Rio Dulce) and Santa Rosa (near Monte Rico). We allow God to use us to bring these people the message of His Love through the development of the programs we provide in the villages. God has allowed us to build churches, pastor’s homes, a retreat center, schools, water projects and much more with sponsorship and teams from churches, individual persons, and rotary clubs.

Our projects will continue for as long as God allows us to do it. Our main goal is to have kids and adults in constant spiritual growth, that all are able to be useful for God’s plan, have model citizens for our next generation, and to show the love of God through our actions.

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