Program Development

ADios Ministries’ mission is to equip and empower people to serve and grow in order to improve our world by improving peoples’ lives.

ADios Ministries invests in peoples’ lives in an integrated manner through short-term missions trips, education programs, and through social enterprises.

ADios’ leadership has many years of experience in successfully developing and leading transformative mission trips, partnerships, programs and projects. ADios Ministries was designed to be complimentary to churches, service groups, schools and individuals who desire to be involved in missions, community development and service work.

Our desire is to:

• Connect individuals and groups to cross-cultural ministry opportunities

• Assist individuals and groups in planning and executing trips independently or through ADios sponsored trips

• Function as a resource for those individuals and groups desiring to serve abroad in missions, but need a starting point

• Work with and encourage individuals and groups to develop and expand their mission and community development programs and involvement in serving others


Local Church Missions Support

• ADios Ministries believes the local church is the hope of the world, and we are committed to serving and supporting the local church both here at home and around the world.

• In addition to supporting and partnering with local churches by offering short-term mission trip opportunities for both individuals and groups, ADios is also active in providing advice and assistance with the development and expansion of church missions programs.

ADios Ministries is grateful for the opportunities to support and partner with local churches, and the opportunities to work directly with and fellowship with a diverse body to accomplish our mission.

We would welcome an opportunity to speak to you about how ADios Ministries can partner with you.