About Us

ADios Ministries was started in 2008 in Portland, Maine whose mission is equipping and empowering people to serve.  Its leadership has many years of experience in successfully leading short-term mission trips to Nicaragua and other Central American countries. ADios Ministries was designed to be complimentary to churches and individuals who desire to be involved in short term missions and serving  abroad. ADios Ministries also designs its mission trips to support and encourage local service for those of us called to serve here closer to home.
Our desire is to:

  • Connect churches, other ministries, and individuals to cross-cultural ministry opportunities
  • Assist churches and individuals in planning and executing trips independently or through ADios sponsored short term trips
  • Function as a resource for those churches and individuals desiring to serve abroad in short term missions, but need a starting point
  • Work with and encourage churches and individuals to develop and expand their mission programs and involvement in serving others abroad
  • Help individuals connect to ministry and service opportunities in their local communities to share, leverage and further develop their gifts and talents